NEW: Essie Winter 2014 Collection

“Let the countdown begin…to the most fashionable time of the year! Whether you’re stepping out on the red carpet at the gala of the season or just want to glow by a candlelit dinner for two, you’re sure to find the perfect shade in essie’s Winter 2014 Collection.” –Essie Nail Polish

NEW: Essie Winter 2014 Collection

NEW: Essie Winter 2014 Collection

2 thoughts on “NEW: Essie Winter 2014 Collection

  1. I don’t think Winter when I look at this collection. It reminds me more of Valentine’s day. Not too terribly impressed. I believe I will have to pass on this one. It seems that a lot of polish companies are dropping the ball for the Fall and Winter collections. =/

    • Yes, i agree, we were so *not* expecting to see this color scheme 🙂 However, come think of it, if you look at red carpet photographs or at runway shows, pretty much all they are wearing is nude, red or metallic.. I guess Essie was inspired by a clean simple chic nail look the celebrities are reaching for the most. (a.k.a. shades we grab when we’re in a rush or maybe plan to change outfits throughout the day..) And let’s give Essie the credit – they know how to pull off classic shades to a ‘T’. However, if you already own these shades, there’s definitely no need for dupes as long as you’re happy with the formula 🙂 Because the formula in this collection is quite flawless and a pleasure to work with.. 🙂

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