China Glaze real nail polish Appliquees

Hey everyone,

We just got the new China Glaze real nail polish Appliquees. They feature 12 different designs, including animal print, geometrical, abstract, fruit and flower prints. Since they are made of real nail polish, they are a breeze to apply, can be easily smoothed onto the nail surface without any wrinkles or bubbles and last a fairly long time. To be honest, on me nail apps usually last longer than regular nail polish and i make sure i apply either clear top coat or gel polish top coat to protect them and add beautiful shine. My personal favorite look it to wear them on my toes! Effortless and fun pedicure look to complement that summer sandal or peep-toe shoe! 🙂

$11.99 each at Phoenix Beauty Lounge

China Glaze Real Nail Polish Apliquess

China Glaze Real Nail Polish Apliquess

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