OPI Mariah Carey Swatches

Today we’re sharing some swatches of the OPI Mariah Carey collection! This collection features four of the amazing new Liquid Sand effect polishes. These are glitters that dry with a matte and textured finish. Sounds fun right? 😀 Let’s take a look!



This is the full eight-piece collection, it features four Liquid Sand glitters (pictured on the left), two shimmery polishes, a glitter and a creme polish.


From left to right: A Butterfly Moment, Sprung, Pink Yet Lavender, Anti-Bleak.


From left to right: Stay The Night, Get Your Number, Can’t Let Go, The Impossible.

  • Stay The Night: Beautiful matte black glitter with magenta glitter sparkles.
  • Get Your Number: Matte ocean blue glitter with holographic glitter.
  • Can’t Let Go: Purple glitter with lavender sparkles.
  • The Impossible: Hot pink matte glitter with small and large hex glitter and star confetti glitter.


Finally here is a swatch of OPI The Impossible, using two layers. There’s tiny holographic hexagon glitters in this polish, as well as larger pink hexagon glitters and a few star glitters too! These star glitters are harder to fish out as they are heavier and sink to the bottom of the bottle, but before you apply, putting your bottle upside down for a few minutes will help a great deal!

This polish is such a beauty! The Liquid Sand textured effect is smoother than you would expect, it’s also easier to remove than regular glitter polish which is a nice bonus. In the sunshine this polish really comes to life though, it almost looks like there’s sugar on your nails! Very mesmerizing.

The full OPI Mariah Carey collection is now in stock with us at Phoenix Beauty Lounge.

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