Essie Sleek Stick Nail Wraps Review in Sneek-E

We have a fun review for you today on the new Essie Sleek Stick nail wraps. These are a collection of high quality, elegant, UV-coated nail wraps that make nail art easy and fun!


Currently there are 12 different chic designs available, the one we’ll we showing you is the silver chrome snake print design called Sneek-E. Other designs include a fun zebra print, a delicate lace design, a sparkly rhinestone gradient and many more!


The Essie Sleek Stick sets come with a very helpful instruction booklet, a nail file, a cuticle pusher and of course nail stickers, 18 in total.


Application process goes as follows:

  1. You start by cleaning your nails, removing any oils by swiping a cotton pad soaked in acetone over your nails. 
  2. Pushing back your cuticles. This will give your manicure the perfect salon look!
  3. Paint your nails in your favorite polish color (optional). What’s fun about this particular Sleek Stick design is that there’s transparent parts that make up the snakeskin print. You can layer Sneek-E over your natural nails for a sexy nude look, or you can layer it over any shade of nail polish of your choice!
  4. Choose the correct size for your fingernails. The Essie Sleek Stick wraps sit on a clear plastic sheet, this makes it very easy to determine the correct size.
  5. Pick the nail wrap off the plastic sheet and carefully place it on your nail. Smooth out the nail wrap and gently push to smooth over using the clear cuticle stick.
  6. Grab the nail file and gently file down the nail wraps, trimming them to size.
  7. Add top coat! And you’re all done!


Here w layered the Sleek Stick wraps in Sneek-E over a gunmetal nail polish by China Glaze, called Stone Cold. I applied the wraps on three fingers to create a fun playful manicure. The Sneek-E print is so much fun! The chrome effect is very beautiful and mesmerizing.


These nail wraps were extremely easy to use. I have tried many nail wraps in the past and I had a hard time with all of them. It creased everywhere, the sizes didn’t match my nails properly and the overall effect was disappointing. The Sleek Stick wraps were incredible, they barely creased and finding the correct size was a breeze. I am in love with the shiny effect! These look incredibly stylish and are sure to make an impression.

Would you use the Essie Sleek Sticks? Have you tried nail wraps before, and what did you think of them? If you’re hesitant, we totally recommend you to try these! They are very easy to use and definitely won’t give you as much trouble as other wraps. 🙂 Have fun!

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