Me Cosmetics False Lashes

Hi everyone! We added more new products to our store this week. Next up are the Me Cosmetics false lashes. These are incredibly high quality lashes at affordable prices! Let’s take a look.


These are a set of Me Cosmetics false lashes, as you can see they come in a beautiful stylish box. Each box of Me Cosmetics lashes comes with no less than 10 pairs in total! Amazing right? They are priced at $9.99 so you get a lot for your money. Now you don’t have to worry about ruining your beautiful false lashes, with 10 pairs you can use these multiple times or use a new pair every single time!

We have lots of different styles to choose from. Ranging from delicate, subtle lashes to more dramatic styles! Let’s take a look at each of the styles we currently offer.


EM Lashes Style B: These are beautiful and delicate. They are more subtle but will still give some nice length and drama to your look.


EM Lashes Style C: These are dramatic wispy lashes. Perfect for an editorial look or with a dramatic dark eyeshadow. These are beautifully cut and will certainly leave a lasting impression!


EM Lashes Style D: These are similar to the wispy style C lashes, but if you look closely you can see a subtle silver highlight runs through the lashes. These are very eye catching!


EM Lashes Style HA: These lashes are shorter at the inner corners and flare out on the outer corner of the eyes. These are great for wearable every day looks! They will give your eyes a beautiful cat-eye appearance.


EM Lashes Style HC: These are fun sixties style lashes. We’re instantly reminded of Twiggy when we see these! They are really quirky and will add great drama to your look.


EM Lashes Style HD: These are soft delicate lashes that flare out at the center. They will instantly open up your eyes and create a more round appearance. This is a very wearable style for all eyes!


EM Lashes Style HE: These are incredibly full and dramatic lashes! If you are looking for full length long lashes, these are perfect.


EM Lashes Style HG: These are similar in style to Style HE but slightly shorter. These dark full lashes will bring lots of drama to your look!


EM Lashes Style HU: This is a beautifully delicate style with two different lengths of lashes. You get very long dark lashes and shorter criss-cross wispy lashes that make up this beautiful style.


EM Lashes Style XB: Similar in style to HU, these are slightly shorter. The longer lashes form a beautiful criss-cross pattern.


EM Lashes Style XL: These are dark wispy lashes with a criss-cross pattern. They are also layered like the two previous styles with longer and shorter lengths. These are the fullest out of the criss-cross pairs and will add more depth to your lashes.


EM Lashes Style XLS: These are shorter criss-cross lashes. These are more wearable due to their shorter length. The style is subtle but still adds drama.


EM Lashes Style XOS: The final style, a wearable criss-cross medium length style. The longer lashes are dark and dramatic and the shorter ones will add depth and fullness.

We also offer three styles of Me Cosmetics lower false lashes. Let’s take a look!


EM Lashes Style UA: These bottom lashes look very natural as they sit in a clear band. There’s a mix of longer and shorter lashes so you can achieve a natural look while still adding length to your lower lashes.


EM Lashes Style UC: These lower bottom lashes are beautiful and wispy. They flare out at the sides so they will open up your eyes and make them look a lot larger!


EM Lashes Style UF: These are more dramatic lower lashes that will add a ton of length to your lower lashes. These are great if you are recreating a doll-eye look!

That concludes all the different styles of Me Cosmetics lashes we currently offer at Phoenix Beauty Lounge! As you can see, lots of different styles to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for full dramatic lashes or more wearable shorter length subtle style lashes, you will definitely find what you are looking for. The Me Cosmetics lashes are available at our store for $9.99 per set of 10 pairs. You can save some money with our “Love Lashes” bulk deal, buy 3 styles for $27. That’s 30 pairs of lashes in total! 😀

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