CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Have you ever wished your polish would last longer but don’t want to apply soak-off gel? CND has come to the rescue with CND Vinylux, a new line of polish that will last a whole week and doesn’t need to be cured under a lamp! Let’s take a look… M-CND-vinylux-1

These colors are steadfast: You’ll get a week of wear out of these. We’ve tried them, it’s true! They really do last longer than typical polishes.


The secret is the revolutionary CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat; not only is it super-duper shiny, it actually gets STRONGER over time. Natural light toughens the top coat, making sure your nails look  fabulous for as long as possible.


These polishes are perfect for girlies on the go. Not only does the finish last a whole week, but your application time will be faster too! You’ll have a perfect manicure in under ten minutes flat! CND Vinylux polishes don’t need a base coat because the colors are self-adhering. Don’t worry though, they go on super-smooth. Really, there’s no catch.


If you weren’t already excited about this collection, look at all the colors! CND has decided to release CND Vinylux in a whopping 62 colors, with 30 colors to match their CND Shellac line. It’s perfect for filling in a Shellac manicure that’s grown out a little. Talk about thoughtful, thank you very much!


CND Vinylux is already for sale on our site, Phoenix Beauty Lounge.  What would you do with the time you’ll save using CND Vinylux? How about adding some fun nail art details to it like on the photo above? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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