New Nail Art Item: Velvet Flocking Powder

We have a surprise for you. The latest trending nail art is fun, soft and a little bit quirky. Can you guess what it is? Well, if you read the title you already know–it’s velvet flocking powder! We just got a new shipment in at Phoenix Beauty Lounge. Let’s have a look…

Velvet Flocking Powder Category Image

Wow, look at that. We’re almost speechless. Almost. Now, let’s talk about how cool this stuff looks. It’s like a spring cardigan for your nails.


Did we say cardigan? We meant cool cardigan party. Look at these colors! To start, we got six colors we thought you’d love.

Application is a snap. First, apply a matching color to your nails. This will make sure the color is nice and opaque so make sure you have proper coverage. Then apply another coat on one nail and while it’s wet take a pair of tweezers and drop the Velvet Flocking Powder onto the wet nail, taking care to cover the entire nail. Use the tweezers to gently press the powder down, then let it sit for a few seconds (We counted to ten because we couldn’t wait any longer!). Then take a brush and gently brush off the loose powder and voila! Fantastic fuzzy nails. It really is that simple.

Now, before you start asking the tough questions, let’s answer them for you. We bet you’re wondering about how durable it is. Are velvet nails washable? How long will it last? How easy is it to remove? Are my nails going to shed like a big, furry dog? We have some great news.

Despite its delicate looks, Velvet Flocking Powder is quite durable. This stuff is made from magic. You’ll be able to wash your hands as usual and it won’t affect the effect on your nails. In fact, your manicure (or pedicure!) should last as long as it would without the Velvet Flocking Powder. Properly applied, it won’t shed or leave little presents on your phone either. You’ll be free to pet your nails with a smile.

When it’s time to remove your va-va-velvet, it’s pretty simple too. Remove as you normally would and it will come off easier than glitter.

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Velvet Flocking Powder is available in our store as well as online at Phoenix Beauty Lounge. Have you used this before? We’d love to see photos on Facebook. What color is your favorite? Are there other colors you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments.   🙂

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