Real Techniques – Your Eyes Starter Set review

A few days ago we shared an in-depth review of the Real Techniques Your Base core collection with you, and today we’re sharing the Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter set. As the name suggest, this set features everything you need for eyeshadow application and everything to do with eye make-up. Let’s take a look!

realtechniques_youreyesstarterset copy

The Real Techniques brushes are extremely high quality and made from synthethic Taklon brushes that are incredibly soft. The density of the brushes will enable you to blend and apply your makeup to perfection! The Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Set comes with five brushes and the 2-in-1 case + stand.

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The handles of the brushes are very sleek and stylish. Each range has a distinct colour, the purple colour refers to the Enhanced Eyes range of brushes. The ferrules are smooth matte aluminum and the ends have a soft matte rubberized finish. The matte finish of the handles makes these very pleasant to hold. They are lightweight and sit comfortably in your hands.

realtechniques_youreyesstarterset2 copy

The brushes that come in this set are: base shadow brush, accent brush, brow brush, deluxe crease brush and the pixel-point eyeliner brush. Let’s go over each of these brushes individually and discuss what they do best!

realtechniques_deluxecreasebrush copy

Real Techniques – Deluxe Crease Brush

This brush is an amazing blending brush. It’s round, really dense and blends eyeshadow like no other! It looks fairly large at first but you’ll soon notice how easily this blends the eyeshadow in your crease. We adore this brush!

realtechniques_baseshadowbrush copy

Real Techniques – Base Shadow Brush

This is a great brush for applying color to your lid. Use it with a patting motion to apply eyeshadow on your lid. Its pointed shape leans itself towards precise blending as well. Another great mutli-tasker!

realtechniques_accentbrush copy

Real Techniques – Accent Brush

This is a nifty little brush. It’s perfect for a whole range of tasks! Smudging eyeliner close to the lashline, applying highlight to the inner corners of the eyes, even applying lipstick or eyeliner! It’s just the perfect amount of stiffness while still being soft and non-scratchy.

realtechniques_pixelpointeyelinerbrush copy

Real Techniques – Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush

This brush is your friend when you need to apply eyeliner or lipstick. Samantha cleverly shows us how to use this brush in her video. She uses this brush with a gel eyeliner to apply a perfect winged eyeliner.

realtechniques_browbrush copy

Real Techniques – Brow Brush

Finally we have the brow brush. This one is, as the name suggests, great for applying powder to shape your brows. We also like it for eyeliner application and even for applying eyeshadow underneath the lower lashline. A great brush that’s very soft too!

That concludes the break down of all 5 brushes included in the Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter set. We’ve noticed again that these brushes are all great multi-taskers and suited for a whole number of different types of products. With this set you’ll guaranteed flawless eye make-up application.

You can find the Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter set available for purchase at Phoenix Beauty Lounge! Have you tried Real Techniques brushes or are you a fan of Pixiwoo? Let us know in the comments!

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