Review: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

We get a lot of questions about the new CND Vinylux Weekly Polish line, but by far the most common question is, “Does it really last a week?” We’ve tried it, but we thought seeing is believing, so you decide for yourself. Let’s take a look…

Day 1 Large

The base shade for the manicure here is #131 Midnight Swim. We used a stamping plate and stamped on top of it with other CND Vinylux polishes (more coming on that in the near future, hint hint!). The polishes go on incredibly smoothly, and the first hand was nearly completely dry by the time we finished the second hand. Amazing!

Day 2 Large

As you can see in the photo, the CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat comes in a black bottle. That’s because it’s photosensitive. While you don’t need a UV lamp to cure it (it’s just nail polish!), it will harden over time with exposure to ambient lighting. That’s a fancy way of saying they snuck UV hardeners into your nail polish to make it last longer. Pretty cool, right?

Day 3 Large

At this point we were getting skeptical because we’re really hard on our nails here. Between the gym, doing dishes, tending the vegetable garden, and working at Phoenix Beauty Lounge, there are a lot of chances for chips but so far it’s lasted.

Day 4 Large

By the middle of the week most polishes start dulling and losing their shine. As you can see here, that’s not happening with CND Vinylux. The UV hardeners in the CND Vinylux Top Coat are clearly working overtime.

Day 5 Large

After five days, there’s a little wearing on the free edges, but nary a chip in sight. With no base coat–it’s built into the colors to save you time during application–and quick-drying color and top coats, CND Vinylux is a superhero for anyone too busy to spend a lot of time on their nails.

Day 6 Large

With the week almost over, it’s getting difficult to get used to the idea that this polish will be coming off. The good news is it’s time to choose a new shade for next week! Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Day 7 Large

One week later, the polish still looks amazing. Sure, it’s grown out a little bit, but the finish is still fantastic. After a whole week, most dark polishes would be threatening to stain your lovely nails if you didn’t use a base coat, but not CND Vinylux. Removal was as simple as application; no special removers necessary. We love it!

Day 8 Large

For a bonus round, we decided to try one more day. Lo and behold, there’s the first chip on the index finger. It took eight days of banging and scratching on everything in sight to chip this tough polish. Impressive, to say the least.


And because we love you, here’s a Pinnable collage! Isn’t CND Vinylux Weekly Polish fantastic? We weren’t completely convinced it would stand up to a whole week of abuse–really, what other nail polish does?–but were super excited by the results. Now that you’ve seen our test, we hope that you’re feeling up to an experiment too.

A large selection of CND Vinylux Weekly Polish shades, as well as CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat are available for purchase in our store and online at Phoenix Beauty Lounge. The line is quickly becoming popular worldwide, and we expect to see more colors coming soon! Which shades will you be trying first? 🙂

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