Trivia: Keratin is the key structural material of our hair and nails. Treatments containing hydrolyzed Keratin prove to be one of the most efficient in restoring your nails’ strength, health and good looks.

Please meet #RESCUERXX – a new highly effective new treatment from CND that repairs damaged nails with the power of Keratin protein and moisturizing jojoba oil.

CND RescueRXX Keratin Treatment

CND RescueRXX Keratin Treatment

Clinically-Proven Results:
Week 1: 80% noticed improvements / 80% saw less white spots
Week 4: 80% less peeling / 73% less splitting

Damaged nails? Give them some much needed TLC with CND #RESCUERXX! Reduce white spots, splitting and peeling with the Daily Keratin Treatment.

Directions: Shake well. Apply to nails at least twice a day. Massage into the entire nail, nail edge and cuticle.

Note: We tried it. It works. Now available at Phoenix Beauty Lounge.

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Weekly Mani-peek: Nicci’s Velvet Manicure!

Hello lovelies,

It’s time for another weekly manicure.

This week I went for a plush yet sparkly velvet manicure. The base color is two coats CND Vinylux Tutti Frutti, with the velvet flocking powder pressed into the CND Vinylux Top Coat. The result is a fluffy, fun texture that has been getting lots of attention.

Nicci’s Fuschia Velvet Manicure

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Fall Bouquet Series: Introducing Bubbly aka Joyce

Fall Favourites 2013

Fall Favorites 2013

My favorite colors for fall are a mix of nail polish and gel, from left to right they are Entity – Midnight runway, Essie – After school boy blazer, CND Vinylux – Masquerade,  Essie – Dive bar, Essie – Topless and barefoot, and last but not least Gel ll Reaction – Tahiti Sweetie. These are mixes of different colors that I like and some of them can be worn for the other seasons too. Some are polish and others are gel.

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