China Glaze On The Horizon 2013 Collection: Now Available for Pre-Order

CG On The Horizon Display

Feathers are a fall staple. They’re in our jewelry, printed on clothes and accessories, painted on nails and more. We love them! Instead of painting your nails with feather designs this fall, how about turning your nails into pretty plumes? That’s exactly the goal with China Glaze On The Horizon 2013 Collection. Let’s have a look…

CG On The Horizon Swatches

Usually fall shades are bold to match the season, but China Glaze decided to go with pretty pastels instead. We love the choice! These shades are sure to create a classy effect that will make your mood soar.

Youre A Hoot

The lead bird in this formation is China Glaze You’re A Hoot. This soft owly shade has yellow, orange and black micro bars in it. We’d love to see this layered over a chocolatey brown.

Light As A Feather

Floating up next is China Glaze Light As A Feather. It may look like a pale pink here, but this stunner has orange, white and black micro bars in it. We bet this one will look great on all the girly girls out there.

All A Flutter

Next up, our hearts are China Glaze All A Flutter. This baby birdie blue, peach and white micro bar polish reminds us of cotton candy from the fall fair. We bet you’ll have trouble not licking your fingers while sporting this yummy shade.

Party Fowl

The life of the aerie is China Glaze Party Fowl. This rocking black, orange and blue micro  stick polish is sure to be a hit on the dance floor. Try three coats to get the full effect.

Flock Together

Feed your herd mentality with China Glaze Flock Together. Glitzing it up with green, black and blue micro sticks, this shade is like a chilly fall breeze. Keep warm by pairing it with a mocha-colored sweater.

Flying South

Bringing up the tail-end of this lineup is China Glaze Flying South. We absolutely adore this one! With red glitter and orange and yellow micro bars, this fiery shade will light up a room. Go ahead, challenge the sun to a duel.


Aren’t they lovely? We can’t wait to see how the texture looks in person!

These fluttery shades will be flapping into stores in August 2013 but we have it now on our site, Phoenix Beauty Lounge. With fall just on the horizon, it’s already open for pre-order. Are you ready for fall yet? Tell us about your perfect feathery nail look in the comments! 🙂

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