OPI Neon 2014 Collection Available for Pre-Order

Sunglasses are to protect your eyes from the sun, but this summer you’ll be wearing them indoors too. Why, do you ask? Because you, my friend, will be wearing this summer’s fantastic OPI Neons 2014 Collection!

For the first time, OPI is releasing their neon collection as full-sized bottles. The plan is to keep these in the permanent collection, meaning when you use up your bottle you’ll be able to get another. Score!

This daring collection comes with a color-boosting base coat as well as six blazing shades. Shall we look a little more closely?


Life Gave Me Lemons
This citrusy lemon-lime hits the spot every time!


You are So Outta Lime!
Here comes trouble and she’s wearing this outspoken lime green!


Juice Bar Hopping
This tangerine cream makes me jump for joy!


Hotter than You Pink
Just when you think pink can’t get any hotter, there’s this!


Push & Pur-Pull
This forceful purple has got me coming and going!

Down to the Core-al
The beauty of this brilliant coral goes beyond skin deep.


Put a Coat On!
Amp up any bright shade with this color-boosting base coat.


And as a bonus, since we’re based in Toronto, we wanted to give a shout-out to the lovely model for this collection, who also hails from Toronto, miss Adrianne Ho! She’s so beautiful, and we love that she’s the face of this amazing collection!

OPI Neons 2014 Collection is now available for pre-order at Phoenix Beauty Lounge, with an expected release date in early June. Now that we’ve seen the neons, we know summer is coming. What kind of nail art would you do with these slick shades? Let us know in the comments!

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