Cha-CHING! Color-Change & Holographic Polish

Who remembers the epically amazing Color Club Holographic polishes? We have them ALL back in stock. Plus, we got new Ruby Wing color-changing polish in. You must see these!

We ❤ you!

Color Club & Ruby Wing

Color Club’s Glorious Holographics and Ruby Wing’s Manic Color Changers

China Glaze Off Shore Summer 2014 Collection Available!

Sun kissed days and electric nights … filled with friends, fun and water!!!  Grab your board and meet us in the water. That’s the inspiration for the China Glaze Off Shore Summer 2014 Collection.

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OPI Neon Revolution Mini 6/Pack Summer 2013

We loved last years OPI Outrageous Neons set and this year OPI is answering our prayers with another fabulous set of neons. OPI Neon Revolution arrived last week. Get your sunglasses out because these neons are criminally bright!


OPI Neon Revolution comes with 5 mini colors and 1 mini bottle of top coat. Each mini holds 3.75 ml or 1/8 fl oz. The nail polishes included in the Neon Revolution set are: Continue reading

China Glaze Sunsational Summer 2013 Swatches

Hi everyone! Today we finally bring you our exclusive swatches of this years China Glaze Summer collection for 2013, SUNSATIONAL. This collection is for all lovers of bright shades, as they really pack a punch! China Glaze decided to feature two finishes in this collection, cremes and jellies. First up we’ll take a look at the six Sunsational creme shades.chinaglazesunsationalcremes

From left to right: Sun Of A Peach, Neon & On & On, Bottoms Up, That’s Shore Bright, Too Yacht To Handle, Highlight Of My Summer.

How stunning are these Sunsational Cremes? We’re absolutely in love! Every single one of the shades is simply beautiful. These cremes are what you would call neon pastels. If you love pastels and neons than you will ADORE the Sunsational cremes. They merge the best of both worlds and have created opaque neons that don’t compromise. We’ll let the swatches speak for themselves!


China Glaze Sunsational Sun Of A Peach: First up is this amazing neon pastel coral creme. We suspect this was inspired by one of the most popular China Glaze shades, Flip Flop Fantasy. If you loved that shade, you will love this one even more! It packs a lot more punch than Flip Flop Fantasy and is about ten times brighter. We love it! Perfect pedicure shade. This was three coats.


China Glaze Sunsational Neon & On & On: Next up is this warm neon pastel pink. You won’t believe how bright this is! It is such a gorgeous colour. It slightly leans towards coral so it’s great for all you olive skin toned ladies out there! But that won’t stop us from wearing it too. This was three coats.


China Glaze Sunsational Bottoms Up: This shade is very much like the previous colour, Neon & On & On, only a lot more blue-toned. This is definitely a hot Barbie pink! A must-have in any pink lovers nail polish collection. How cute will this look on your toes? This entire collection is full of perfect pedicure shades! This was two coats.


China Glaze Sunsational That’s Shore Bright: Next up is this bright pastel purple. Not quite as neon as the others but definitely bright! As you can see, it has a matte finish. This is the same for ALL cremes, so we recommend slapping on a nice coat of glossy Seche Vite fast drying top coat for a shiny finish. This was two coats.


China Glaze Sunsational Too Yacht To Handle: Now how bright is this turquoise? Wow! Too Yacht To Handle is a gorgeous bright turquoise colour. It had a flawless formula and was great in application. Another must-have! This was three coats.


China Glaze Sunsational Highlight Of My Summer: Finally the last shade of the Sunsational cremes. This is an ah-mazing pastel neon mint green. This is easily our favourite shade from the whole collection! You’ll find nothing like this in your nail polish collection, it’s such a unique shade. This was three coats.


From left to right: Shell-O, Heat Index, You Drive Me Coconuts, Are You Jelly?, Isle See You Later, Keepin’ It Teal.

Next up are the Sunsational Jellies. As you may or may not know, jellies have a very squishy and shiny finish. They’re also usually quite sheer and require a few layers for opacity. Some of these are difficult to get opaque on their own so we decided to show their beauty to the max and layer them over one coat of white. If you want your neons to stand out, layering them over white makes them even brighter! Let’s take a look.


China Glaze Sunsational Shell-O: This is the first of the jellies and this colour is a gorgeous coral pink jelly. It’s slightly more coral in person and definitely a lot brighter! Another great summery shade. This was three coats over one coat of white.


China Glaze Sunsational Heat Index: Next up is this bright neon pink jelly! It’s slightly warmer in person, more like how it looks in the bottle. These shades are too bright for our camera to handle! This was three coats over one coat of white.


China Glaze Sunsational You Drive Me Coconuts: How amazing is this pink? WOW! This is one of the brightest pinks we’ve seen in a while. It doesn’t disappoint! By the way, how cute are these names? We love you China Glaze! This was three coats over one coat of white.


China Glaze Sunsational Are You Jelly?: Next up is this gorgeous bright purple. This is a really deep warm bright purple. Great for all you purple lovers out there! You will love this! This was three coats over one coat of white.


China Glaze Sunsational Isle See You Later: Now this is a very interesting polish. It’s extremely sheer, almost impossible to get opaque on its own. We’re not quite sure what China Glaze had in mind for this colour. Having said that, layered over white, we think it looks great! This was, again, three coats over one coat of white.


China Glaze Sunsational Keepin’ It Teal: Finally another bright turquoise colour. It leans slightly towards green which we love. A beautiful shade! It really packs a punch when you layer it over white. This was three coats over one coat of white.


And finally, of course, the Pinnable collage. 🙂 Aren’t these shades wonderful? We’re a huge fan of this collection and we are certain you will love it too. They weren’t easy to capture as they are so incredibly bright. Definitely a collection you need to see in person to fully appreciate!

You can find all China Glaze Sunsational shades available for purchase at Phoenix Beauty Lounge. They’re very popular and as we just got another shipment of them in, make sure to be quick if you want to get your hands on them! Which shades will you be picking up?

China Glaze Sunsational Summer 2013

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce the new China Glaze Summer 2013 collection called Sunsational! Create waves with Sunsational! This 12-piece collection features six new cremes and six new jellies. This collection will be available in May 2013. Let’s take a look at the visuals and the colors.


We’re in love with this display! China Glaze created a gorgeous summery visual for the Sunsational collection. This collection underwent a name-change last minute as it was first dubbed Neons – On The Shore. We’re not quite sure why, but we’re definitely not unhappy about the change! Sunsational definitely has a ring to it! 🙂


Sunsational Cremes:

Sunsational Jellies:

As you can see this collection is extremely bright and full of fun shades for Summer 2013! We’re really excited and can’t wait to see swatches of this collection. We love that China Glaze chose to do an entire set of jelly finish polishes. Jellies are starting to gain more popularity and we love it!

China Glaze Sunsational will be available from May 2013 but we have it available now for pre-order at Phoenix Beauty Lounge! What are your thoughts on this collection? Are you dying to pick it up or will you take a pass? Let us know in the comments!