The Cure for Your Nail Woes: Duri Rejuvacote

We’re tough on our hands. No matter what we’re doing, whether it’s riding a bike, playing video games, or creating something awesome, our hands never get a break. Unless it’s the broken nail variety, and nobody wants to think about that.

There’s little worse than catastrophic breaks, flaking nails, or bendy, weak nails. Well, maybe stained nails come in for a tie, but that’s another post. Anyway, while we’re nourishing our insides with great food and our souls with [insert your favorite relaxing activity here], we’re ignoring our poor nails, who we beat up every day. Oops.

Maybe you’ve recently had gel polish removed at a salon you’ve never tried before. Or maybe you’ve been really stressed out lately. Or maybe you’ve had weak nails your whole life and you’re secretly envious of everyone with long, strong nails. Whatever the reason for your visit to the nail emergency room, you’ve gotta check this out.


Duri Rejuvacote is your personal witch doctor for nails. This unimposing bottle can fix even the most seemingly hopeless nails. Packed full of nutrients, you can wear this alone for a healthy shine or as a base coat for your favorite shade. If your nails need an extra boost, apply another coat every 24-48 hours for up to a week before removing. Continue as needed until nails are stunning.


You’ll start seeing results within the first week, and after two, you’ll be so in love with your new nails, you’ll come back here and high five us. That’s a prescription we can totally get behind. We’ve been using it and love it, and can’t wait for you to be in on the secret too. Ready to visit the doctor and join the nail elite? Duri Rejuvacote is available at Phoenix Beauty Lounge, as well as in our retail store. Have a flaky to flawless story of your own? We love it when you share the love; let us know in the comments!   🙂


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