A New Challenger Has Entered The Ring: China Glaze Gelaze

Do you love gel polish? There’s something to that super-shine that lasts for at least two weeks that can make almost anyone smile. And thankfully, the industry has expanded to give us so many options, such as CND Shellac, OPI GelColor, Gel 2, Luxio, Entity1, ibd just gel, etc.

Now there’s a new challenger ready to compete for our love: China Glaze Gelaze!


If you’re completely in love with China Glaze’s amazing neons, you’re in luck. These shades match their already popular nail polish shades, and not just the neons. A few of our favorites? Shocking Pink, Pool Party, For Audrey…we could go on.

They’ve also been super kind and have given us instructions with photos for application and removal. While the process isn’t new, here’s a refresher course for you.

Soak-Off Gel Polish Application

Gelaze Application 1

Prep: Perform a dry manicure. Then remove shine from the natural nail with a buffer.
(Nicci’s note: You don’t need to do shine removal if you use a dehydrator, such as CND Scrub Fresh, to make sure you’ve removed any oil on the surface of the nail. Protect your nail strength!)

Gelaze Application 2

Gel-n-Base in One: Apply a thin coat of Gel-n-Base in One gel polish and cure 30 seconds under LED lamp or 2 minutes under UV lamp. Repeat the process for a second coat.

Gelaze Application 3

Gelaze Gel Top Coat: Apply a thin coat of Gelaze Gel top Coat and cure 30 seconds under LED lamp or 2 minutes under UV lamp.

Gelaze Application 4

Cleanse: After Top Coat application, wipe cured nails Gelaze Pre-Soaked Gel Cleanser Pad to remove sticky gel residue.

Soak-Off Gel Polish Removal

Prep: With a nail file, break the seal of the gel nail.

Saturate: Saturate Gelaze Professional Gel and Nail Polish Remover Wrap with Gelaze Gel Remover.

Wrap: Wrap securely around nail. Allow to penetrate for 10 minutes.

Remover: Use an orange wood stick or a cuticle pusher to gently loosen and remove gel.
(Nicci’s note: Using orange wood sticks helps prevent nail bed damage. Only experienced–and patient–users should attempt to use a metal cuticle pusher to remove gel.)

So, is this how you apply and remove gel? Did you learn anything? Or do you have some juicy tips to share? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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