Product in Focus: NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

Product in Focus: NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray will set your makeup for a long-lasting wear and a priceless peace of mind!! It creates a natural breathable matte finish without being heavy or chalky. Shake, spray and set!

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NYX Matte Setting Spray

NYX Matte Setting Spray


2 thoughts on “Product in Focus: NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

  1. Hi! love your blog. One thing about this setting spray that you should note, it’s made in China! Wary of using facial products made in China and other foreign countries with unsafe health regulations.

    • Hey Kaitlin, Thank you for your comment. As far as we noticed, NYX Cosmetics has always been outsourcing their products from France, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, China and any other country that makes sense to them production-wise. This is how they keep the costs so low and the quality so reliable. Also, from our personal experience, there’re several levels of quality standards in China – from lowest to highest. Many factories in China that work with world renown companies like NYX, L’Oreal, Burberry etc. have to pass through very rigorous periodic audits, that only a few of qualified manufacturers can pass. And once they do, they try to keep such big name companies by all means, so they adhere to their quality requirements to a T. I think this fact that Setting Spray is made in China is a bit of a personal decision, since as we all know most of Coastal Scents products come from China and no one has experienced any problems quality-wise. We order a lot of nail art products directly from China for 5 years now. As one of my very respected suppliers from China mentioned: “Yours is one of the very few North American companies that is requesting high quality and doesn’t mind paying extra for the good stuff. Most often we are pressured to sell products for dirt cheap and of course we are forced to use very poor quality supplies to produce cheap stuff. We don’t have a preference what to produce – it all comes down to customer demand.” So in a way i feel bad for Chinese manufacturers because they have this stigma that was created as a result of majority of their clients demanding very cheap prices from them in the first place. So it’s a bit of a vicious circle. But if you research the manufacturers from China you can see that they employ a lot of staff with University degree, wear lab clothes and have R&D departments where they come up with new products and formulations. I think this is the case with NYX and Coastal Scents, so i’m pretty sure they conduct periodic quality audits, demand good quality ingredients and are safe to use. At least i haven’t come across any negative reviews of their products so far.. Have you?

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