Great Gifts Countdown: Day 21

“The Holidays are coming!” 🙂

Remember how were we holding our breath with excitement when we were little, while chasing the first snowflake? School break, smell of mom’s baking, building a snowman, crazy winter sports with friends, and endless hours of indoor games. But let’s be honest. The main part of the winter excitement was waiting for the gifts. Well, and magic. Because getting this amount of gifts when it wasn’t even your birthday has something to do with magic, right? 😉

With this year’s early chill, let us all remember the joys of winter as we saw it as little girls, when there was no such thing as “cold outside” and hats and mittens seemed like completely useless accessories! 🙂

And let us carry on the “winter magic” by giving thoughtful gifts to the special people who mean the world to us! You know that deep inside they hope they will get something truly exciting. Like that little child untying her first ribbon on the crispy Christmas morning..

Great Gift Countdown: Day 21 - A Coordinated Makeup Look

Great Gift Countdown: Day 21 – A Coordinated Makeup Look

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