New: Essie Silk Watercolor Collection

New Essie Silk Watercolors

New Essie Silk Watercolors

“Delicate and painterly for the artsy types”

Dear nail artists out there, say goodbye to traditional crémes, and hello to the sheer sweeties in the new Essie Silk Watercolor 2015 collection. These vivid hues will make creating a nail art masterpiece that much easier. Think of all the Japanese-inspired gel creations with subtle color transitions and delicate brush work. Now with Essie Silk Watercolor you can recreate all those subtle art-inspired looks you were carefully screen-shotting and saving in your phone for ages 😉 Just add a few studs and crystals to create a pretty cluster at the cuticle and your nails will start to look oh so Japanese! 🙂 

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