Halloween Broken masquerade doll By Bubbly aka Joyce


I like to do more feminine looks for halloween, and since I already did a pretty look, I thought I should do a more scary one. I used the exact same look as i did in my Geisha Doll Halloween Makeup look but with a lot more add on details. I played up my eyes by making it look larger than it is by glueing the lashes below the lash line and filling it in with NYX Jumbo Pencil – Cottage Cheese.

For the cracks I used black eyeshadow and a thin brush to draw them, I didn’t really have a template of how I wanted the crack to look and where it should go. I just decided to go with the flow. For the tiny crack lines i went over them with a NYX Super Skinny liquid eyeliner, by doing so it gives it a more define feel and make it look more real because it gives it more depth look. Toward the middle of the major crack i used black gel eyeliner to make it even darker.


For the lips I even used a bit of the gel liner to draw a thin line on both the top and bottom lip which makes it look like the inside of the mouth is empty. This completes the look by making me look even more in-human.

All in all i had a lot of fun doing this look, everyone can change bits of the look to give it their own twists.

Happy Halloween,

Bubbly aka Joyce

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