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Hello Lovelies, how’s your September going? Whether it’s back to school, back to the grind, or just another season, there’s great stuff brewing. For our readers in the southern hemisphere, you’ll have to excuse this digression, but we have to rave a little about the season. It’s autumn! In Canada, that means apple picking, layered fashion and fall makeup. Makeup? Well, that means brushes…!

RT Duo Fiber Close

If you’ve been connected to the internet at all, you’ve probably heard of Real Techniques. These fab brushes, created by sister YouTuber duo Sam & Nicole Chapman, are taking the beauty universe by storm. Last year they released a limited edition set called Sam’s Picks. They were pretty hard to come by, but if you missed them, the brushes were mostly existing ones so you didn’t need to cry yourself to sleep at night.

RT Nics Picks Front Back

Nic’s Picks, in pretty packaging for pretty brushes.

This year they’ve released Nic’s Picks. This set is a little different from last year’s set in a few ways. First, you can see they look a little different in super shiny chrome. Okay, that’s cool but not the real reason you need this set. You need this set because three of the five brushes are limited edition cuts!

RT Nics Picks Set

Oooh, pretty. Peel your face off your screen, wipe the drool off your face (no worries, we didn’t see anything), and let’s take a closer look…

RT Duo Fiber Face

First up is the Duo-Fiber Face Brush. Like two brushes in one, this loosely packed two-timer applies your makeup in sheer layers. Our experiments show it’s great with pressed and loose powders, and can also be used for ultra-sheer blush and bronzer application. This is the natural nymph’s dream brush.

RT Cheek

Next we have the Cheek Brush, our first exclusive brush in this collection. A bit denser than the duo-fiber face brush, this one reminds us a little of the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush if it were a bit longer. The sleek shape screams drama, so this is your go-to for a pop of color across the cheekbones. Try this with your favorite blusher, bronzer, or highlighter for that perfectly cheeky finish.

RT Angled Shadow

For the eye makeup lovers out there, the Angled Eyeshadow Brush is your new hero. This exclusive brush is made for layering shadow in the crease. Whether using neutrals, brights or something in between, this brush fits perfectly to help you define your eyes.

RT Base Shadow

All good things start with a good base, so the Base Shadow Brush is a must for everyone. Small, smooth and a little fluffy, this brush applies flawless color to your eyes. Give it a try and it’ll become your favorite eye brush too!

RT Eyeliner

Last but certainly not least is the Angled Eyeliner Brush. This charming little number has firm bristles for optimal control. It’s a super-versatile brush, so use it to create a blown out look with powder shadow or purr-fect cat eyes with gel liner.

Real Techniques Nic’s Picks are available in our store and online at Phoenix Beauty Lounge. How lovely are these? We’re excited to have another complete face kit to play with. Which brushes are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!  🙂

RT Apple

Happy Apple likes Real Techniques and NYX Cosmetics.

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