Real Techniques New Products Spring 2016

Real Techniques has launched some new and exciting 2016 products that are available for sale at Phoenix Beauty Lounge store in Markham, ON and it looks like the Pixiwoo Sisters are bringing us some very exciting products for the new year. Check this out:

New Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette 
Cleans brushes 55% better.*
Great makeup application starts with a clean brush. The brush cleansing palette helps sweep away makeup, oil, and impurities from bristles to give you truer, more consistent color application.
*performance-grade silicone: lightweight and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably over your hand
*exclusive multi-textured surfaces: designed to gently work between the bristles for enhanced deep cleansing
Step 1: Slip hand into the palette and squeeze a drop of our brush cleansing gel onto the tool. Add warm water to the palette.
Step 2: Swirl brush into the gel and water across the various surfaces until the brush is clean. Rinse bristles thoroughly, being careful to not fully immerse the base of the bristles. Squeeze out the excess water.
Step 3: Rest your brushes across the surface of the tool to dry or use the panoramic case from our sets (sold separately) to dry brushes upside down.
* Tested using Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette and Brush Cleansing gel versus hand-cleaning with water.

New Real Techniques Brow Set 

Define the perfect arch with our brow set. We have included all of the tools you need to clean up, fill in, define and shape your brows. Our slanted design allows for easy control while defining your brows. Get started with 5 easy steps:
  • angled tweezer: stainless steel with a flat edges for expert brow shaping
  • detailing tweezer: stainless steel with a pointed tip to clean up fine hairs
  • slanted brow spoolie: perfectly sized for brow grooming and blending
  • slanted arch definer: unique design allows you to plot your perfect brow shape or smudge your brow product for a natural finish (visit their YouTube for a quick how to)
  • slanted brow brush: applys and blends color smoothly
  • panoramic case: dual carrier and stand keeps brushes organized on your counter or on the go. Stand case and insert wet brushes upside down to dry
You can view all of the Real Techniques products for on the Phoenix Beauty Lounge website.
New additions to their Bold Metals collection are coming soon, so please stay tuned! 🙂

Do You Pixiwoo?

“Pixiwooing (v)” – going about your day as though you don’t have on extravagant makeup.

Pixiewooing is now officially in the [urban] dictionary 🙂 Like if you’re totally pixiwooing today!
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Coming Soon: Real Techniques Bold Metals collection

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a heads-up that we will be receiving the highly-requested Real Techniques Bold Metals collection some time next week! All store customers who put them on hold please expect to hear a phone call from us pretty soon! Please hit “Like” if you’re excited! 🙂

Real Techniques Bold Metals

Real Techniques Bold Metals

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New: Real Techniques Sculpting Set

New Real Techniques Sculpting Set

New Real Techniques Sculpting Set

“Level of sculpting skills: “Goddess”

Accentuate favorite features, create defined contours for added depth, or simply enhance your natural bone structure with our Collector’s Edition Sculpting Set. With the use of light and dark makeup shades, this set gives you the flexibility to transform your look.

Each brush is a special design: a sleek, high-shine pink instead of the classic matte.

– sculpting brush: features a wide, angled head specially designed to help create defined contours
– fan brush (set exclusive): softly sweeps on powders + whisks away any excess makeup for an even finish
– setting brush: the key to completing any look with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter

Now available at Phoenix Beauty Lounge for just $18.80.

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NEW: Real Techniques Concealer Brush

Another new 2015 brush from the Real Techniques Team – Concealer Brush – great for applying and blending out your liquid or cream concealer!

NEW: Real Techniques Concealer Brush

NEW: Real Techniques Concealer Brush

The angled cut provides precision application to camouflage skin imperfections and create a spotless base for any look. It can also be used for applying highlighter over the cheekbones and high points of the face for a healthy glow

Now available at Phoenix Beauty Lounge for $10.69.

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Real Techniques Road Show Press Event

Had an amazing time last night with #pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic Chapman at Real Techniques event #RTRoadShow Press Event!

Real Techniques Road Show

Real Techniques Road Show

Real Techniques Road Show Press Event

Real Techniques Road Show Press Event. Image credit #perilouslypale.

The ladies are so feminine, funny and kind! It was a real pleasure to meet them and they are even more gorgeous in person (if such thing is even possible)! Woot-woot! And of course, a new Real Techniques brush set is coming out early 2015 as a great addition to your collection! 🙂 #cantwait

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New Arrival: Real Techniques Mini Brush Set

New Arrival: Real Techniques mini brush set – perfect brushes for your makeup bag!

Real Techniques Mini Brushes

Real Techniques Mini Brushes

Same ultra-plush softness and pixel-perfect blending, now in a travel mini size! 3-pcs brush set, containing a mini blush brush, a mini foundation brush and an eye shadow brush, all for the price of just $9.20! Aren’t they adorable? 🙂


Real Techniques Nic’s Picks – Nic and Nicci Concur

Hello Lovelies, how’s your September going? Whether it’s back to school, back to the grind, or just another season, there’s great stuff brewing. For our readers in the southern hemisphere, you’ll have to excuse this digression, but we have to rave a little about the season. It’s autumn! In Canada, that means apple picking, layered fashion and fall makeup. Makeup? Well, that means brushes…!

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Our Top Ten Best-Sellers of 2013!

We’ve been very busy with the stats here at Phoenix Beauty Lounge!

Finally we crunched all the numbers and can share with you what our customers loved the most in 2013.

Keep scrolling down the list to see our #1 best-seller of year 2013!

How many of these items you already own? 😉

#10 Best-Seller

15 Piece Brush Set, Black  #10 Best-Seller

15 Piece Brush Set, Black

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Real Techniques Singles Have Arrived!

We know you’ve heard of Real Techniques brushes (If you haven’t, check out our post about them!). These brushes are sleek, cruelty-free and all sorts of amazing. The Real Techniques Brush Sets have taken the world by storm (see reviews of them here and here), and now it’s time for the single brushes to take the stage. Let’s have a look…


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