Real Techniques Singles Have Arrived!

We know you’ve heard of Real Techniques brushes (If you haven’t, check out our post about them!). These brushes are sleek, cruelty-free and all sorts of amazing. The Real Techniques Brush Sets have taken the world by storm (see reviews of them here and here), and now it’s time for the single brushes to take the stage. Let’s have a look…


Ohh, la la. Take in all that softness and try not to faint. You’ll be even happier to hear that because Real Techniques Brushes are synthetic, they’re softer than animal hair, plus no animals were hurt in the making. Everyone wins!


The first fluff is the Real Techniques Blush Brush. Try saying that three times fast. This brush is used to contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended, high-definition results. It also doubles as a microphone for lip-synching to your favorite tunes.


Next up is the super slim Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush. It’s the ultimate tool for precision application of liquid or cream eyeliner. You want sharp lines? Be careful not to cut yourself. 😉


Hopping up next is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Made with dual-fibers, this brush is the trade secret for creating airbrushed, high-definition results with all types of makeup. Multitasking is this brush’s middle name, and High Def was the name of its band in high school. Yeah, we went there.


Slipping in next is the Real Techniques Foundation Brush. This brush has an angled cut that lets you build the coverage you need for airbrushed, flawless results. It’s perfectly chiseled, like a piece of art, or…


Keeping us in line is the Real Techniques Lash-Brow Groomer. This precision tool is essential for defined, separated lashes and beautiful brows. Once you try it, you might find it difficult to look at old photos of yourself. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.


Setting up shop is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. This brush is key to completing any look with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter. It’s fluffy and not too large. Magnifique!


The odd one out is the Real Techniques Kabuki Brush. This little gem is a secret weapon. Use this 2-in-1 brush closed for powder, then unfold to sweep on color and you’ll be ready for any Japanese theater. Or a night out, or a regular day, whatever.


Look at that folding action. Neat, right? You’ll probably spend more time playing with it than using it the first time or two, but it’ll be time well spent. No, we’re not speaking from experience… *whistles*


Last up is the Real Techniques Shading Brush. This brush is ideal for creating any look from subtle to dramatic. Don’t lock yourself in as naughty or nice; get both with one brush.


The full range of brushes, including three Real Techniques Brush Sets, are available for sale at our store and online at Phoenix Beauty Lounge. Do you have any Real Techniques brushes? Which one is your favorite? Which of these brushes is going to be the first you’re going to get? Let us know in the comments!   🙂

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