Halloween Makeup Galaxy Look by Ev aka Evelina

Galaxies of your mind

Galaxies of your mind

“Make your heart match the universe and explore the galaxies of your mind…”

I wanted to give myself a challenge – learning the art of blending eye shadows smoothly. The theme for this look was inspired by a class I take in college – “The Universe”. We were learning about millions of distant galaxies, and I couldn’t help but be fascinated by anything interstellar!!

Amazing space

Amazing space

To get the look I used NYX Jumbo pencil in colour “Milk” (white) to prime my face. This makes sure all the colours come out true.

Then I used 120 eye shadow palette and outlined the “barriers of the universe” around my face, drawing a mask-like shape which I then filled with deep purples, mixed with deep blues which all fade to black.

To get the effect of stars I used a nail art rhinestone wheel, and glued different sizes of crystals with lash glue. Add a couple of white dots with a white eyeliner and you’re done!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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