Mermaid Halloween Makeup Look by Ev aka Evelina

Mermaid Costume and Makeup

Mermaid Costume and Makeup

This Halloween I wanted to be something more feminine than all the kick-butt costumes I wore the previous years. I was inspired by the mystical mermaid, a beautiful half-fish half-human creature that steals the hearts of brave sailors 😉

Pretty Mermaid

Pretty Mermaid

For this look I wanted to keep the family of colors cool-toned, and used a lot of blues, teals, turquoise and purples in a progressing gradient to mimic the colours of fish scales when they shine in the light.

I started out with preparing the canvas for all the colours – covering the skin with NYX HD Studio Photogenic foundation and hiding any discolorations with a concealer from the same line, all which served as a base for the eye shadows to stick on.

Then I created a turquoise/blue look for the eyes. I wanted to frame the eyes with a green color (think – mermaids’ tail).  I have a little trick for creating the green textured stripe right beside the outer corner of the eye – grab a fishnet stocking (you can buy one at the dollar store ;)) stretch it out and pack on the color with a flat eye shadow brush.

Mermaid ready to party

Mermaid ready to party

Lastly, I used a 120 color eye shadow palette to draw the fish scales in graduating colors from dark to light, rotating the brush in a crescent-like motion using a medium sized flat eye shadow brush.

I have recreated this look for the Halloween party again, now with my new red hair!

mwemaid 4

This time I used a concealer palette to contour and highlight the face in order to add dimension. I used the deeper shades of concealer for sides of the nose, hollows of the cheeks and corners of the face. Contouring with a creamy texture instead of powder let me keep that sticky texture for the eye shadow colors to stick on!

Add to the effect by crimping your hair, or making pretty mermaid waves!

Hope you liked this look!

Ev aka Evelina

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