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Welcome Back to our Phoenix Beauty Lounge University!

Are you ready to learn one more easy makeup trick that will make your face appear more friendly and approachable?

The thing with these tricks is that once you learn and “see” the visual difference they make, you cannot “unsee” them. You will be noticing the effects of “right” and “wrong” on all the photos in the magazines, the strangers on the bus and all your friends and family members. But promise me that the first person you will apply them to will be that one in the mirror.

Tip #6

YoureWelcomeWednesday Beauty University: Instant Lip Lift

YoureWelcomeWednesday Beauty University: Instant Lip Lift

“Conceal the outer corners of your lips for a more youthful and complementing lip shape”

The corners of the lips is one area we rarely pay attention to, but in fact it’s one of the facial features that can take your overall look from looking “upset” to “welcoming” in seconds.

Even though you may not have downward lip corners naturally, they tend to have redness, discoloration or some kind shadow for most people. And they may eventually sag with age as skin looses it’s tightness and tone.

Concealing the outer lip corners and even adding some subtle highlight to this area will instantly bring a potential “resting bitch face” to its more friendly, almost smiley version. And quite possibly will rewind your lips to a few years back. And who wouldn’t like that?

Definitely apply this subtle lip correction technique next time you do your concealing. Does your resting face look more friendly now? You’re welcome!

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