Phoenix Beauty Lounge University: Painting Nails

Welcome Back to our Phoenix Beauty Lounge University! Hope you all enjoyed your winter break! 😉

Ever wondered how the nail bloggers or nail techs get that perfect nail painting job done with a clean line at the cuticle and all around? Want to know their secret?

Class #9

YoureWelcomeWednesday Beauty University: Painting Nails

YoureWelcomeWednesday Beauty University: Painting Nails

“Painting nails is not coloring between the lines, it’s painting a shape within a shape.”

Contrary to popular belief, painting your nails is different from coloring pictures in a coloring book with random strokes.

In fact, to create a perfectly painted nail, you need to use an exact number of brush strokes in an exact sequence. Also, the vision you need to keep in mind is the one of creating a shape similar to your own nail shape, but 1-2mm smaller. So first, look at your nail shape and study it for a bit 🙂

Nail polish is a pretty finicky medium and in most cases it won’t allow you random strokes without loss of quality. Once you get a hang of it, you’ll be doing this automatically without thinking twice. But first let’s see the steps we need to learn.

When you just pull that loaded brush out of the bottle, wipe half of nail polish off the bottle neck, so you don’t apply way too much paint and flood your cuticles. For that same reason, it is also recommended to place your polish brush slightly ahead of the cuticle line (1), press on the bristles so they “open up” to create a nice rounded shape and with this “open” fanned out brush go down towards the cuticle (2). Stop 1mm before touching the cuticle and go all the way back towards the tip of the nail (3).

Load more polish on the brush if necessary, go back to the base of the cuticle and place the brush a little bit to the side and press down again so it “opens up”. Now pay attention to what the “edge” of that “open” brush is painting for you. This is exactly what you’re painting with now – it’s the outer edge of the brush (4). Pull the brush towards the tip of the nail and make sure that brush edge is creating a clean side line of that shape for you without touching the skin.

Repeat the same steps on the other side (5).

Go around the edge of the nail with some nail polish to fill in any blank spots left and also to “seal the edge” and prolong the wear time of your perfectly painted manicure (6).

Allow yourself a bit extra time for the first few manicures to practice these steps, and then later on you’ll be showing your friends and family how easy that thing is.

Do your nails look less of a dog’s breakfast and more of a salon perfection this time? You’re welcome!

Please share your personal beauty dilemmas in the comments below and it may get featured in our future classes!

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