Phoenix Beauty Lounge University: Edit Your Makeup

Welcome Back to our Phoenix Beauty Lounge University!

It’s always good to be honest with yourself and use the beauty products that truly make a difference.

Class #8

“Only use makeup products that enhance your appearance.”

YoureWelcomeWednesday Beauty University: “Only use makeup products that enhance your appearance."

YoureWelcomeWednesday Beauty University: “Only use makeup products that enhance your appearance.”

Is that eye shadow too sheer it doesn’t even show? Is that concealer not pigmented – or creasing on you? Is that primer completely useless? Does that blush color make you look sick? Well maybe it’s time to call it quits and find a good quality replacement. Keyword: Edit.

A lot of times were influenced into using certain hyper-trendy products by YouTube, blogs, cosmetic sales associates, friends, or simply we don’t feel “cool” if we don’t use them (don’t judge). But if you literally can’t see any difference while using it, or even worse – it makes you look less complementing than without it – it’s time to cut the bs and stop using it. Better be honest than nice.

If you remove one useless step from your makeup routine, and replace frustrating products with ones that deliver results, you can save your time and effort and get ready in a shorter period of time. Totally worth it.

Have you noticed that sometimes you apply a certain product more out of habit than because of its real performance. Do a little audit and critical assessment of your makeup steps. Do you really need all of them? Are all the products you use 100% necessary? Do they make you look better? Or maybe they could use some weeding?

Did you get ready faster this time? You’re welcome!

Please share your personal beauty dilemmas in the comments below and it may get featured in our future classes!

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