Great Gifts Countdown: Day 12 – Gift of a rainbow. Or three.

Is it just me or you also had this feeling that rainbows have something to do with magic? Whenever i see one i get hypnotized and think it’s a wink from angels or some kind of blessing?

Great Gifts Countdown: Day 12 - Gift of a rainbow. Or three.

Great Gifts Countdown: Day 12 – Gift of a rainbow. Or three.

“Great Gifts Countdown: Day 12 – Gift of a rainbow. Or three.”

Needless to say, when i wear such strong rainbows on my nails i can’t concentrate Caution: Be careful while driving!

Color Club Holographic Nail Polish.

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Cha-CHING! Color-Change & Holographic Polish

Who remembers the epically amazing Color Club Holographic polishes? We have them ALL back in stock. Plus, we got new Ruby Wing color-changing polish in. You must see these!

We ❤ you!

Color Club & Ruby Wing

Color Club’s Glorious Holographics and Ruby Wing’s Manic Color Changers

Color Club Halo Hues Announcement

Hi everyone! We have an exciting announcement for you! We now have the amazing Color Club Halo Hues 2013 holographic shades available for purchase on our site and in-store. We’re absolutely blown away by the amazing rainbow sparkles of this collection.

If you’re in the Toronto area, make sure to come and check these out at Phoenix Beauty Lounge, Pacific Mall. Simply no pictures or swatches can prepare you for how gorgeous these are!


These are the six colors featured in the collection.

We shot some quick snaps of these beauties in-store. It’s so hard to capture the amazing rainbow sparkle! You definitely have to see these in person to appreciate the full effect.


This is our in-store display! Come check it out at Pacific Mall! photo-50

Can you see the holo sparkle? 🙂 In this picture, Color Club Beyond (the black holo) shows you a hint of how amazing the rainbow holo effect is! It’s probably times ten in person!

Head over to our website Phoenix Beauty Lounge or drop us a visit to check out the stunning Color Club Halo Hues! Enjoy!