New arrival: LA Splash Lip Couture and Smitten Lip Tint

New arrival: LA Splash liquid to matte lipsticks are here!

New: LA Splash Lip Couture and Smitten Lip Tints

New: LA Splash Lip Couture and Smitten Lip Tints

Their amazing lines of LA Splash Lip Couture and Lip Tints are very pigmented, dry matte, are 100% waterproof and zero transfer. Like literally clean “kiss test” once dry.

Now available in store at online Phoenix Beauty Lounge.

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New Arrivals: Gel 2 Carousel Collection

Did you check out our new creamy pastel gel polishes from Gel 2 Carousel Collection? Well, it’s just about time!

Gel 2 Carousel Collection Swatch

Gel 2 Carousel Collection Swatch

Gel 2 Carousel Collection

Join us on a fanciful Carousel ride with the Spring Collection from Gel II®. Carousel, the newest addition to the Gel II® line takes you round and round with six new dreamy pastel colors that are absolutely Mauvelous! Perch upon this merry-go-round of creamy pale pinks, and barely there nudes.

Gel II Carousel Collection includes the following colors; G178 Frou Frou Blue, G179 Mauvelous Melody, G180 Bare Bear, G181 Peppermint Pony, G182 Merry-Go-Berry, and G183 Prancing Peach.

Now available at Phoenix Beauty Lounge.

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New: Real Techniques Sculpting Set

New Real Techniques Sculpting Set

New Real Techniques Sculpting Set

“Level of sculpting skills: “Goddess”

Accentuate favorite features, create defined contours for added depth, or simply enhance your natural bone structure with our Collector’s Edition Sculpting Set. With the use of light and dark makeup shades, this set gives you the flexibility to transform your look.

Each brush is a special design: a sleek, high-shine pink instead of the classic matte.

– sculpting brush: features a wide, angled head specially designed to help create defined contours
– fan brush (set exclusive): softly sweeps on powders + whisks away any excess makeup for an even finish
– setting brush: the key to completing any look with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter

Now available at Phoenix Beauty Lounge for just $18.80.

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New: Nail Vinyl stencils

You asked and we listened! 🙂

New: Nail Vinyl stencils

New: Nail Vinyl stencils

New: Nail Vinyl stencils for the super-trendy nail looks

The best part is that with these high quality stencils, nail designs are very easy to achieve even with no nail art skills or tools whatsoever. Paint your nails with the base color, let it dry, apply the stencils, go over with a contrasting shade of polish and peel off to reveal a clever pattern. How cool is that!?!
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New: OPI Brights 2015

New: OPI Brights 2015

New: OPI Brights 2015

“Six bold colors with one neon glitter (wait what?)”

The OPI Brights 2015 Collection brings 6 new bright and bold OPI colours, plus 3 core essentials which were in the OPI Neons collection last summer.

Let’s get Wicked with NYX Wicked Lashes!

Hey everyone,

Have you already checked out the new NYX Wicked Lashes that we just got? Because NYX believes well-behaved women rarely make history, they created a line of faux lashes for the truly wicked and scandalous.

Invisible band, flared style toward the outer corner and made of natural fibers for a softer touch, NYX Wicked Lashes come in a variety of styles from natural and wispy, to dramatic and glamorous…. They intensify and add depth to the eyes and are super-easy to apply. $5.50 each. Score!

NYX Wicked Eyelashes

NYX Wicked Eyelashes