Phoenix Beauty Lounge Newsletter for July 2014

Is It Really Almost August?

Oh my. When did it become the end of July? Well, that’s okay, because great things are coming! We’re super excited for some new and upcoming changes and hope you will be too. Whether it’s nearing the end of summer, or if spring is just around the corner (yep, we love you southern hemisphere dolls too!), keep up-to-date with our newsletter. Be sure to add us to your whitelist to ensure we end up in your inbox and not your spam folder. 🙂

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mommies and mommies-to-be! And for all of us – even though we don’t remember the time we used to be clingy toddlers and hugged our mother’s leg, the time she kissed our boo-boos and we suddenly felt better, the time she was the exact center of our little universes.. but she certainly does. And deep inside, you’re still her baby no matter what’s your age and how many children you may have.. Hug your Mom! 🙂

New Pricing for [some] NYX Items

We know you love NYX products as much as we do. They have such lovely, bright colors and long-lasting products. Seriously, you could stack NYX up next to so many über-expensive brands and find very little quality difference. We’ve done just that and found that we prefer NYX (we’re not telling which other brands…we wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone…)

.Loose Pearl Shimmer

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