NEW: Brush-on Resin Glue

We haven’t been so excited about new arrivals in a while – a real nail charm glue that holds down nail charms like nobody’s business! All the biggest nail charms will stay put even on natural nails with nail polish! Easy application with a brush and waterproof formula make it a staple of any nail artist’s stash!

New: Brush-on Resin Glue

New: Brush-on Resin Glue

Were you anxious to add sparkle to your nails with nail charms, but couldn’t make them stay? Then you definitely need this in your life, like yesterday! 🙂

$7.99 reg. and goes in our nail art deals.

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#Showmeyourmani If You Love Me

#Showmeyourmani number 1

Hey guys, it’s that time again!! #showmeyourmani. This week I am wearing Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game and Deborah Lippmann Do the Mermaid. Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game is a purple that appears green depending on lighting and movement. Deborah Lippmann Do the Mermaid is frosty purple with purple and silver glitter. I love this color combo, the colors highlight each other and also contrast each other. Adding nail art gems brings the design to the next level of glam.

-Bubbly aka Joyce

Deborah Lippmann Do the Mermaid and Wicked Game

Deborah Lippmann Do the Mermaid and Wicked Game

#Showmeyourmani number 2

Hi there nail goddesses,

Time for another round of #Showmeyourmani!

Got bored of my gels briefly and put OPI A-Piers To Be Tan over them. Maybe they should’ve called it A-Piers To Be Ghirardellicious, for the chocolate factory near the piers. It’s a creamy milk chocolate color and I love it! Too bad it doesn’t look as nice in the bottle all by itself… :-S


OPI A-Piers to be Tan

OPI A-Piers to be Tan