Essie Wedding 2013

Each year Essie releases a new Wedding collection, soft shades suited for the brides-to-be. These collections don’t feature sheer pinks or pale whites though! No, Essie pushes the envelope with subtle colour and creamy candy hues. Who said that wedding nails had to be boring?

We’re happy to announce the new Essie Wedding 2013 shades! Let’s take a look.


These four new shades make up the Essie Wedding 2013 collection. Pastel pinks, lavender and a soft fuchsia. These shades are the perfect addition and soft pop of colour for a bridal look.



The star of the collection is Essie Using My Maiden Name. This is the shade we’re most excited about! This beautiful soft lavender periwinkle colour is certainly going to leave a lasting impression. It’s subtle, feminine and certainly not boring!

This collection will hit the shelves around May 2013 but we have it available now for pre-order on our site, Phoenix Beauty Lounge. Would you wear any of these shades to your wedding? Or are you dying to get your hands on these anyway, wedding or not? 🙂 Let us know in the comments!