OPI Holiday 2013 Mariah Carey Collection (Press Release)

This year’s OPI Holiday 2013 Collection is the second collaboration between OPI and the amazing singer and international superstar Mariah Carey. OPI Holiday 2013 Mariah Carey collection features 12 nail lacquers and 6 Liquid Sands, making it for a total of 18 limited edition shades, which is quite an unprecedented number for a holiday nail lacquer collection in our memory.

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It’s #Showmeyourmani Time!

Hey everyone,

It’s #Showmeyourmani time! 🙂

This week i’m wearing OPI HLE18 Baby Please Come Home from Holiday 2013 Mariah Carey collab collection (of course!). It’s a soft lilac liquid sand that gives just the right amount of glimmer without being over the top. I find it to be quite natural looking and cooler-months appropriate. Delicate, feminine and classy.

OPI HLE18 Baby Please Come Home from Holiday 2013 Mariah Carey collab collection

OPI HLE18 Baby Please Come Home from Holiday 2013 Mariah Carey collab collection

What do you guys think? Do you like it? Will you show me your pretty nails this week? 🙂

Thanks a lot and take care,

Show Me Your Mani

Hey Everyone, please don’t tell me you didn’t do your nails this weekend 🙂 Of course you did! So why don’t you #showmeyourmani?

Let’s do a “mini-flashmob” and show each other what we are wearing on our nails this week! A simple phone photo posted in the comments to this post will do.

Even if you don’t “show me yours”, please feel free to like and comment – we’re mind-sakes after all..

Essie Velvet Voyeur with accent finder China Glaze Rendezvous With You #showmeyourmani

Essie Velvet Voyeur with accent finger China Glaze Rendezvous With You #showmeyourmani

My personal pick for this week’s mani is Essie Velvet Voyeur with accent of China Glaze Rendezvous With You. A purple near-black with an accent of gritty, vintagey metallic to add some visual texture to the look. Who else loves their purples for fall? What are your personal favorite fall nail colors? Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Thank you and take care,

China Glaze Texture Swatches

Hi everyone! Today we’re finally sharing swatches of the China Glaze Texture collection for Summer 2013. This collection features (you guessed it!) six texture finish polishes that are bright, bright and BRIGHT! These shades scream summer at the beach, in so many different ways. Let’s take a look!


These are the six China Glaze Texture collection shades. Aren’t they stunning? There’s a bright pink, corals, orange, green and blue. From left to right the shades are called: Unrefined, Bump & Grind, Itty Bitty & Gritty, Toe-Tally Textured, In The Rough, Of Coarse!. Now, shall we take a look at the nail swatches?


China Glaze Unrefined: First up, this lovely pale (yet bright!) bubblegum pink. This is two coats of texture polish. As you can see the texture finish is very visible, and the polish dries to a matte soft finish. Even though it looks very gritty, it feels surprisingly soft to the touch!


China Glaze Bump & Grind: This is a cute magenta red, not quite pink though not quite red either. Imagine pink and red having a lovechild, this would be the colour that came out! Here you can still see some shine to the polish, as it takes a while before the full matte finish shows. You definitely have to be patient with these texture polishes. They require some tender love and patience!


China Glaze Itty, Bitty & Gritty: This is a lovely coral pink. We love coral shades! And this is such a pretty one. It won’t fail to cheer you up and brighten your day. P.s. this looks stunning as a pedicure too!


China Glaze Toe-Tally Textured: This is a super bright orange! Wow! It just jumps out at you, doesn’t it? It’s even brighter in person too! We know orange polishes aren’t for everyone, but you definitely need to try this one out.


China Glaze In The Rough: This is a fun pale green. We think China Glaze couldn’t decide on whether to include yellow or green in this collection and simply went for a mix of both. This is such a quirky shade! By the way, didn’t they do an awesome job at naming these polishes? We simply love the cute names!


China Glaze Of Coarse!: And of course, the final shade! This is a lovely cobalt blue polish. All swatches were made with two coats but if you layer it slightly thicker you can easily get away with just one coat. They are so opaque! You’ll be very surprised!


And lastly, a pretty pinnable collage and overview of all six shades. Which one do you prefer? We love the coral shade Itty, Bitty & Gritty, but the pale pink Unrefined is definitely worth checking out too. It’s surprisingly wearable and you’ll find yourself falling in love with the texture finish.

The China Glaze Textures are slightly different to the OPI Liquid Sand polishes. These are matte cremes that carry a big punch and a bright pop of color, whereas most OPI Liquid Sands lean more towards the jelly finish and feature shimmery glitters for an entirely different effect. We’re undecided which texture finish effect we love more, but these China Glaze Textures are definitely worth checking out!

You can find the entire China Glaze Texture collection with us for sale at Phoenix Beauty Lounge.

China Glaze Avant Garden Spring/Summer 2013 Swatches

Hi everyone! Today we’re sharing exclusive swatches of the China Glaze Avant Garden collection for Spring/Summer 2013. A collection full of unique and wonderful shades, brights and pastels. Let’s take a look!

ChinaGlazeAvantGarden1 ChinaGlazeAvantGarden2


China Glaze Life Is Rosy: Blushed mauve creme (2 coats). This is a beautiful dusty shade. It’s a nice pop of colour without being too overwhelming. We think this is a wearable color for all ages! It’s fun and bright, but still has a muted quality.


China Glaze Pink-ie Promise: Iridescent baby pink creme (3 coats). This is a gorgeous pale pink. Like the previous shade, this also has a subtle dusty quality. It has a very subtle shimmer too. So delicate!


China Glaze Tart-y For The Party: Light lavender creme (2 coats). We love this beautiful lavender shade! It’s soft, pretty and squishy! This is the perfect pastel purple, a must-have in anyone’s collection.


China Glaze Fade Into Hue: Periwinkle creme (3 coats). This is a very interesting dusty blue. We haven’t seen colors like this often! It’s a dusty blue periwinkle. This one appears like a shiny jelly polish but covers like a creme. We love it!


China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On: Sea foam green creme (3 coats). This is a beautiful pale mint green with soft silver shimmer. It’s packed with shimmer! Another unique shade, we definitely haven’t seen anything like this before.


China Glaze Dandy Lyin’ Around: Shimmery vanilla icing (4 coats). This is a cute sheer white with lots of shimmer. We see hints of blue, green and pink. It’s very sparkly in person, you’ll have to take our word for it. It comes to life in the sunshine! This will be great for layering over other shades to add some pretty sparkles.


China Glaze Mimosa’s Before Mani’s: Coral with a light wash of shimmer (3 coats). This is a pretty coral shade with subtle shimmer. A very fun, bright summery colour! We highly recommend this for pedicures. 🙂


China Glaze Passion For Petals: Bright salmon pink creme (2 coats). This is a pretty interesting shade, also a little hard to describe. At first glance it looks like a red, but it’s more unique and interesting. It’s a dusty, pink-ish red. It also covered extremely well! Flawless formula on this one.


China Glaze Snap My Dragon: Bright red with pink shimmer (2 coats). This is an amazing fiery red with hot pink shimmer. The pink shimmer is a lot more visible in person, it’s very beautiful and sexy.


China Glaze Fancy Pants: Indigo with pink and purple shimmer (2 coats). Now this is probably one of the coolest blue shades we’ve seen! It has pink shimmer! Isn’t that amazing? It’s a wearable blue as it’s muted but still has an interesting quality because of the shimmer.


China Glaze Sunday Funday: Bright blue creme (2 coats). This is an amazing vivid turquoise blue. We’re instantly transported to the beach with a cocktail in our hand when we see this colour, in our heads anyway. 🙂 It screams summer holidays!


China Glaze Budding Romance: Moss green jelly (4 coats). Now, isn’t this an interesting shade? You don’t see an olive green often, but we do like this one a lot. It’s very fashionable and hip. You either love it or hate it!


And finally, an overview of all the shades! We absolutely love this collection, it’s full of interesting colors. At first glance we thought this would be a pretty pastel collection but nothing out of the ordinary. That definitely wasn’t the case! China Glaze impressed us with twelve wonderful shades you don’t want to miss.

Which one would you love to add to your collection? What’s your favorite color from the China Glaze Avant Garden collection? Let us know in the comments!

All twelve China Glaze Avant Garden shades are available for purchase at Phoenix Beauty Lounge!

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Wraps Review in Sneek-E

We have a fun review for you today on the new Essie Sleek Stick nail wraps. These are a collection of high quality, elegant, UV-coated nail wraps that make nail art easy and fun!


Currently there are 12 different chic designs available, the one we’ll we showing you is the silver chrome snake print design called Sneek-E. Other designs include a fun zebra print, a delicate lace design, a sparkly rhinestone gradient and many more!


The Essie Sleek Stick sets come with a very helpful instruction booklet, a nail file, a cuticle pusher and of course nail stickers, 18 in total.


Application process goes as follows:

  1. You start by cleaning your nails, removing any oils by swiping a cotton pad soaked in acetone over your nails. 
  2. Pushing back your cuticles. This will give your manicure the perfect salon look!
  3. Paint your nails in your favorite polish color (optional). What’s fun about this particular Sleek Stick design is that there’s transparent parts that make up the snakeskin print. You can layer Sneek-E over your natural nails for a sexy nude look, or you can layer it over any shade of nail polish of your choice!
  4. Choose the correct size for your fingernails. The Essie Sleek Stick wraps sit on a clear plastic sheet, this makes it very easy to determine the correct size.
  5. Pick the nail wrap off the plastic sheet and carefully place it on your nail. Smooth out the nail wrap and gently push to smooth over using the clear cuticle stick.
  6. Grab the nail file and gently file down the nail wraps, trimming them to size.
  7. Add top coat! And you’re all done!


Here w layered the Sleek Stick wraps in Sneek-E over a gunmetal nail polish by China Glaze, called Stone Cold. I applied the wraps on three fingers to create a fun playful manicure. The Sneek-E print is so much fun! The chrome effect is very beautiful and mesmerizing.


These nail wraps were extremely easy to use. I have tried many nail wraps in the past and I had a hard time with all of them. It creased everywhere, the sizes didn’t match my nails properly and the overall effect was disappointing. The Sleek Stick wraps were incredible, they barely creased and finding the correct size was a breeze. I am in love with the shiny effect! These look incredibly stylish and are sure to make an impression.

Would you use the Essie Sleek Sticks? Have you tried nail wraps before, and what did you think of them? If you’re hesitant, we totally recommend you to try these! They are very easy to use and definitely won’t give you as much trouble as other wraps. 🙂 Have fun!

OPI Euro Centrale Spring 2013 Collection Swatches

Hi everyone! We have some beautiful swatches of the OPI Euro Centrale collection to share with you today. This is the OPI Spring collection for 2013. It features twelve shades, including glitter, cremes, shimmer and jellies. Definitely something for everyone! Let’s take a look.

OPIEuroCentrale1 OPIEuroCentrale2


OPI Polka.com: This is beautiful glitter features pink, blue and lavender hex glitter as well as tiny blue glitter. We went for a fun gradient look but it looks great layered over the other shades of the collection too!


OPI Eurso… Euro: A classic deep blue creme. This one is so vibrant! We used two coats for flawless coverage.


OPI Suzi’s Hungary Again!: This is a warm pink jelly, subtly leans towards coral. Very girly! This was three coats.


OPI You’re Such A Budapest: This is a beautiful periwinkle lavender blue. It’s as beautiful as it is difficult to describe. 🙂 This is also a jelly finish and required three coats.


OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook: This beautiful vibrant turquoise blue had really nice coverage, it required two coats for a flawless finish. Looks more green in certain light settings, a very pretty shade!


OPI My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours: An amazing bright fiery red. A very warm/orange toned red that was very opaque, almost a one-coater. Get your sunglasses out for this one!


OPI Hands Off My Kielbasa!: Frosty nude usually sounds like a bad thing but this polish is absolutely stunning! This was three coats.


OPI Oy-Another Polish Joke!: A beautiful sheer gold microglitter. This looks impossible to receive opacity with at first, but 4 coats gets you pretty close. Will be great for layering and gradients too.


OPI A Woman’s Prague-Ative: This beautiful burnt copper orange has gold and orange microshimmer. It’s so vibrant and luxurious! You won’t be able to keep your eyes off it. This was three coats.


OPI Vant To Bite My Neck: Deep eggplant purple. Such a rich shade, the finish is so glossy! This was nice and opaque in two coats.


OPI I saw… U saw… We Saw… Warsaw: Another beautiful deep shade, this is a midnight blue. Similar to Vant To Bite My Neck, this also needed two coats.


OPI My Vampire Is Buff: Such a fashionable nude shade! A beautiful pale beige that required 3 coats. Classy and stylish!


Here’s a “Pinneable” collage featuring all 12 shades. Which is your favorite? We are in love with every single one! It’s a beautiful Spring collection with very fashionable and hip shades. There isn’t one we wouldn’t love wear! Hope you enjoyed our swatches.

Grab your favorites at our site, the OPI Euro Centrale collection is available now for $9.99 a piece!

China Glaze Tranzitions Collection Swatches

Today we’ll be looking at the China Glaze Tranzitions collection. This six-piece collection is perfect for all those of you who like to get creative! This collection features polishes with a unique formula that changes color when you apply top coat. Amazing right? Let’s take a look!


These are all six shades, the top shades are what the colors look like applied on their own. And on the bottom is what the same colors look like when top coat is applied.


Without topcoat.

From left to right: Split Perso-Nail-Ity, Duplicityy, Modify Me, Altered Reality, Metallic Metamorphosis, Shape Shifter.


And with top coat.

From left to right: Split Perso-Nail-Ity, Duplicityy, Modify Me, Altered Reality, Metallic Metamorphosis, Shape Shifter.

As you can see, these shades shift into a deeper, darker shade when you apply top coat. It definitely lends itself to endless design possibilities! Think polka dots, fun french manis or even leopard spots! Which design would you create with these?

The China Glaze Tranzitions shades are available on our site Phoenix Beauty Lounge now for $7.50 a piece.

China Glaze Glitz Bitz ‘n Pieces Collection Swatches

We are continuing today with more exciting collection previews. Next up is the China Glaze Glitz collection. This collection features six dazzling glitters. Let’s take a look!


From left to right: Glitz’n Pieces –  Scattered & Tattered – Razzle Me, Dazzle Me – Bling It On – Mosaic Madness – Graffiti Glitter.

As you can see these glitters sit in a clear base. Each glitter has its own main color and then it has black confetti/bar glitter and large black hex glitter thrown in the mix. China Glaze dubbed this black glitter “Bitz’n Pieces”. Let’s take a look up close!



Now of course, these glitters look best when layered over a different colour. We’ve created three layering combinations with China Glaze Mosaic Madness. Let’s take a look!


China Glaze Mosaic Madness layered over China Glaze Snow. This is one coat of Mosaic Madness, as you can see one coat gives you a lot of sparkly glitter! There’s three or four sizes of black hex glitter in the mix, ranging from small to extra large! 😀 The black glitter is unreflective but the colored glitter (in this case blue!) really bring this polish to life!


China Glaze Mosaic Madness layered over China Glaze Sea Spray. We love this layering combo! The muted dusty blue is a perfect match for Mosaic Madness.


China Glaze Mosaic Madness layered over China Glaze First Mate. Finally a darker combination. The effect is more subtle as the black pieces don’t contrast as much. This gives you a subtle sparkle to your nails. Also a very nice effect!

This fun glitter collection definitely gets a thumbs up from us! At first glance it seemed perhaps repetitive to have 6 quite similar glitters but these are simply beautiful. The layering combinations are endless so you won’t get bored of this collection any time soon!

You can find this collection with us at Phoenix Beauty Lounge for $7.50 a piece.

OPI Euro Centrale Swatches

More collection previews! We’re on a roll! 🙂

Today we are showing you the OPI Spring/Summer 2013 collection called Euro Centrale. This collection is an homage to the fashion hotspots, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Poland. Where classic meets contemporary, where Gothic churches meet vibrant graffiti murals. This collection carries you from day to night, accompanying a corporate and neutral look as well as a bright partner for the vibrant city life.


Celebrating a region where history meets modern design, the collection’s twelve new nail lacquers offer a mixture of glamorous metallic hues; playful bright shades in periwinkle, aqua and pink; and creamy blues in indigo, midnight and aubergine.


From left to right: Hands Off My Kielbasa! – Oy-Another Polish Joke! – A Woman’s Prague-Ative – Vant To Bite My Neck? – I Saw… U Saw… We Saw… Warsaw – My Vampire Is Buff


From left to right: My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours! – Can’t Find My Czechbook – You’re Such A Budapest – Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN! – OPI… Eurso Euro – Polka.com

Such fun shades right? OPI never fails to impress us with name choice either. 🙂 Let’s take a look at these beauties up close.





We absolutely love this collection! And good news, this collection is already available for pre-order on our site. The OPI Euro Centrale collection is also part of our “We Love Nail Polish promotion”. Buy 3, get 15% off (enter coupon Buy3Get15%off at checkout) or buy 5, get 25% off (enter coupon Buy5Get25%off at checkout). Enjoy!