Phoenix Beauty Lounge University: Lip Shaping Trick

Welcome Back to our Phoenix Beauty Lounge University!

This is not the kind of university where you’d want to miss your classes, right?

Today we will examine a trick our body does to us when we do our makeup.

Tip #7

YoureWelcomeWednesday Beauty University: Lip Shape

YoureWelcomeWednesday Beauty University: Lip Shape

“Lining your lips from the outer corner in will create a more full, round lip shape. Lining lips from middle out tends to create a more pointy cupid’s bow”

In 90 cases out of 100, this is what tends to happen. It’s just how are hands work.

Choosing a more rounded lip silhouette or a pointy and straight lip is entirely up to you. Both are fun, but the first one seems to be in line with what’s considered to be the “current beauty ideal”. Whatever.

You can always experiment with both and see what suits your face or your mood better. But it’s always good to know what you’re doing and achieve your desired lip look intentionally. 

Have you noticed that sometimes both sides of your lips look uneven or asymmetrical? Look into the way you paint them in. Whatever the lip look, please use the same method on both sides. Makes sense? You’re welcome!

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