Fall Bouquet Series: Introducing Bubbly aka Joyce

Fall Favourites 2013

Fall Favorites 2013

My favorite colors for fall are a mix of nail polish and gel, from left to right they are Entity – Midnight runway, Essie – After school boy blazer, CND Vinylux – Masquerade,  Essie – Dive bar, Essie – Topless and barefoot, and last but not least Gel ll Reaction – Tahiti Sweetie. These are mixes of different colors that I like and some of them can be worn for the other seasons too. Some are polish and others are gel.

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Essie Shearling Darling Collection Winter 2013 (Press Release)

Essie Shearling Darling collection image

Essie Shearling Darling Collection Winter 2013

Polished puffers. Supersoft stoles. Million-dollar mittens. Winter is coming – and with it, a luxurious lineup of the season’s nicest necessities. There’s something for everyone this winter, from smooth and subtle to knock- your-wooly-socks-off sexy. Colour may play a leading role, but ingenious formulations that deliver a varied textural palette take their own star turn. From diamond-dust like shimmers, to molten pearlescence and crushed gemstone surfaces, each shade of the collection has a distinctive feel that seduces the senses.

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Show Me Your Mani

Hey Everyone, please don’t tell me you didn’t do your nails this weekend 🙂 Of course you did! So why don’t you #showmeyourmani?

Let’s do a “mini-flashmob” and show each other what we are wearing on our nails this week! A simple phone photo posted in the comments to this post will do.

Even if you don’t “show me yours”, please feel free to like and comment – we’re mind-sakes after all..

Essie Velvet Voyeur with accent finder China Glaze Rendezvous With You #showmeyourmani

Essie Velvet Voyeur with accent finger China Glaze Rendezvous With You #showmeyourmani

My personal pick for this week’s mani is Essie Velvet Voyeur with accent of China Glaze Rendezvous With You. A purple near-black with an accent of gritty, vintagey metallic to add some visual texture to the look. Who else loves their purples for fall? What are your personal favorite fall nail colors? Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Thank you and take care,

Essie For The Twill Of It 2013 Collection: New Arrival!

It’s getting to be that time again, when the leaves fall and it starts getting cooler. You may miss the summer, but the best part of autumn is the fashion! Essie seems to agree with us and has a new clothing-inspired collection coming our way. Watch out for Essie For the Twill Of It. Let’s have a look…


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Essie Naughty Nautical 2013

Summer evokes images of the beach, water sports and relaxing cruises. This summer we don’t have to go all the way to the marina to look like savvy swimsters, thanks to Essie’s newest collection, Naughty Nautical 2013. Inspired by chiffon cover-ups and pastel evening looks, these shades are perfect for any kind of summer adventure, from fun in the sun to a book under a beach umbrella.

We’re happy to announce the new Essie Naughty Nautical 2013 shades! Let’s take a peek.


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Essie Wedding 2013

Each year Essie releases a new Wedding collection, soft shades suited for the brides-to-be. These collections don’t feature sheer pinks or pale whites though! No, Essie pushes the envelope with subtle colour and creamy candy hues. Who said that wedding nails had to be boring?

We’re happy to announce the new Essie Wedding 2013 shades! Let’s take a look.


These four new shades make up the Essie Wedding 2013 collection. Pastel pinks, lavender and a soft fuchsia. These shades are the perfect addition and soft pop of colour for a bridal look.



The star of the collection is Essie Using My Maiden Name. This is the shade we’re most excited about! This beautiful soft lavender periwinkle colour is certainly going to leave a lasting impression. It’s subtle, feminine and certainly not boring!

This collection will hit the shelves around May 2013 but we have it available now for pre-order on our site, Phoenix Beauty Lounge. Would you wear any of these shades to your wedding? Or are you dying to get your hands on these anyway, wedding or not? 🙂 Let us know in the comments!

Essie Resort 2013 Collection

Introducing the Essie Resort 2013 collection! A bright and colourful collection featuring four striking shades. We are excited the share the news and images of this years Essie Resort collection. This collection is powerful, feminine and sexy!

“We all love to play the role of powerful seductress.” says Essie Weingarten, Brand Founder and Global Creative Director of Essie. “Get in the mood for your close-up with over-the-top fabulous color.” Weingarten ensured this was no ordinary palette of persuasion, “I wanted to re-imagine sexy color in a way that is as unexpected as the modern woman herself.” It’s about striking, bold color that’s as fresh as a roll in the hay – it’s definitely not your traditional femme fatale look. It’s an allure from confidence, a playful attitude and indefatigable optimism.essieresortcollection

We are in love with these new Essie Resort shades. Bright, colorful, fun and perfect for Summer. We need you, Summer 2013! It can’t come soon enough, we are desperately longing for some sunshine, and we want these summer shades on our hands and toes.

Essie Resort 2013 will be available this April 2013. If you cannot wait to get your hands on them, we have them available for pre-order now on our site Phoenix Beauty Lounge!

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Wraps Review in Sneek-E

We have a fun review for you today on the new Essie Sleek Stick nail wraps. These are a collection of high quality, elegant, UV-coated nail wraps that make nail art easy and fun!


Currently there are 12 different chic designs available, the one we’ll we showing you is the silver chrome snake print design called Sneek-E. Other designs include a fun zebra print, a delicate lace design, a sparkly rhinestone gradient and many more!


The Essie Sleek Stick sets come with a very helpful instruction booklet, a nail file, a cuticle pusher and of course nail stickers, 18 in total.


Application process goes as follows:

  1. You start by cleaning your nails, removing any oils by swiping a cotton pad soaked in acetone over your nails. 
  2. Pushing back your cuticles. This will give your manicure the perfect salon look!
  3. Paint your nails in your favorite polish color (optional). What’s fun about this particular Sleek Stick design is that there’s transparent parts that make up the snakeskin print. You can layer Sneek-E over your natural nails for a sexy nude look, or you can layer it over any shade of nail polish of your choice!
  4. Choose the correct size for your fingernails. The Essie Sleek Stick wraps sit on a clear plastic sheet, this makes it very easy to determine the correct size.
  5. Pick the nail wrap off the plastic sheet and carefully place it on your nail. Smooth out the nail wrap and gently push to smooth over using the clear cuticle stick.
  6. Grab the nail file and gently file down the nail wraps, trimming them to size.
  7. Add top coat! And you’re all done!


Here w layered the Sleek Stick wraps in Sneek-E over a gunmetal nail polish by China Glaze, called Stone Cold. I applied the wraps on three fingers to create a fun playful manicure. The Sneek-E print is so much fun! The chrome effect is very beautiful and mesmerizing.


These nail wraps were extremely easy to use. I have tried many nail wraps in the past and I had a hard time with all of them. It creased everywhere, the sizes didn’t match my nails properly and the overall effect was disappointing. The Sleek Stick wraps were incredible, they barely creased and finding the correct size was a breeze. I am in love with the shiny effect! These look incredibly stylish and are sure to make an impression.

Would you use the Essie Sleek Sticks? Have you tried nail wraps before, and what did you think of them? If you’re hesitant, we totally recommend you to try these! They are very easy to use and definitely won’t give you as much trouble as other wraps. 🙂 Have fun!