New Arrival: Nail Spikes

The wait is over! We finally brought in these bad-girl nail spikes in stock and can’t wait to start using them like yesterday! 🙂

Do you already have a million nail art designs in your head you can use them for? 🙂 We certainly do!

New Arrival: Nail Spikes

New Arrival: Nail Spikes

Just $2.50 for a bag of 50 pcs

To apply them, use the nail glue to put them on and add some clear top coat or gel around the base to secure them into place! Have fun!

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Demo Days: Making Nails Awesome One Nail At A Time

Boom. You asked, we listened.

You’re invited to come explore the magical world of nails with us. Nicci will be your guide for the duration of this choose-your-own adventure. We’ll be traversing through Soak-Off Gel Polish and the art of stamping, featuring our fab MoYou Stamping Plates. Demo options are soak-off gel, stamping, or both. Please keep your tray tables in the upright position for take-off.

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The Cure for Your Nail Woes: Duri Rejuvacote

We’re tough on our hands. No matter what we’re doing, whether it’s riding a bike, playing video games, or creating something awesome, our hands never get a break. Unless it’s the broken nail variety, and nobody wants to think about that.

There’s little worse than catastrophic breaks, flaking nails, or bendy, weak nails. Well, maybe stained nails come in for a tie, but that’s another post. Anyway, while we’re nourishing our insides with great food and our souls with [insert your favorite relaxing activity here], we’re ignoring our poor nails, who we beat up every day. Oops.

Maybe you’ve recently had gel polish removed at a salon you’ve never tried before. Or maybe you’ve been really stressed out lately. Or maybe you’ve had weak nails your whole life and you’re secretly envious of everyone with long, strong nails. Whatever the reason for your visit to the nail emergency room, you’ve gotta check this out.


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OPI Glitter Off Peelable Base Coat Available for Pre-Order

There’s something intensely fun about glitzy, glittery nails. That sparkle can seep into your soul, spreading happiness almost as much as a bowl of ice cream or a sunny day. Oooh, how about seeing the glimmer of your glitter polish on a sunny day while eating a bowl of ice cream (or sorbet, whichever you prefer)? We just got goosebumps.

Okay, back to reality. We love glitter polish as much as the next girl, but then we have to remove it. Bummer. There’s nothing worse than scrubbing off a mess of glitter. This is where OPI Glitter Off Peelable Base Coat comes to the rescue.


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Weekly Mani-peek: Nicci’s Velvet Manicure!

Hello lovelies,

It’s time for another weekly manicure.

This week I went for a plush yet sparkly velvet manicure. The base color is two coats CND Vinylux Tutti Frutti, with the velvet flocking powder pressed into the CND Vinylux Top Coat. The result is a fluffy, fun texture that has been getting lots of attention.

Nicci’s Fuschia Velvet Manicure

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Our Top Ten Best-Sellers of 2013!

We’ve been very busy with the stats here at Phoenix Beauty Lounge!

Finally we crunched all the numbers and can share with you what our customers loved the most in 2013.

Keep scrolling down the list to see our #1 best-seller of year 2013!

How many of these items you already own? 😉

#10 Best-Seller

15 Piece Brush Set, Black  #10 Best-Seller

15 Piece Brush Set, Black

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Halloween Broken masquerade doll By Bubbly aka Joyce


I like to do more feminine looks for halloween, and since I already did a pretty look, I thought I should do a more scary one. I used the exact same look as i did in my Geisha Doll Halloween Makeup look but with a lot more add on details. I played up my eyes by making it look larger than it is by glueing the lashes below the lash line and filling it in with NYX Jumbo Pencil – Cottage Cheese.

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Nail Art Necessities: Picker Pencil

When visiting the store, we know there’s a lot to take in. It’s like a nail art wonderland here, and sometimes finding the perfect item can be a daunting task. To make it easier to be a nail-art goddess, we’re going to feature some awesome items in the “Nail Art Necessities” series. Look to these posts to find some items that you might not have known about before, but you really should check out!

Have you ever tried picking up a nail art decoration and dropped it a bunch of times or had to set it down and pick it up so many times just to grip it right? How about accidentally flung it across the room with your tweezers? We’ll let you guess which ones we’ve done (hint: it’s more than one of those!). It’s frustrating when things aren’t as smooth as we’d like. Have you ever wished for an easier way to place your nail art? Our first Nail Art Necessity is the Wax Picker Pencil. Let’s have a look…


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New Nail Art Item: Velvet Flocking Powder

We have a surprise for you. The latest trending nail art is fun, soft and a little bit quirky. Can you guess what it is? Well, if you read the title you already know–it’s velvet flocking powder! We just got a new shipment in at Phoenix Beauty Lounge. Let’s have a look…

Velvet Flocking Powder Category Image

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Marimekko Nail Art Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today we have another nail art tutorial for you. This nail art manicure is perfect for Spring and Summer, featuring this years Spring shades by OPI and China Glaze. This time the skill level is for intermediate nail painters, but beginners can leave out a few of the more intricate steps and still have a great result. Let’s take a look!


Doesn’t it look beautiful? We love Marimekko fashion prints. They are so inspiring and simply perfect for a Spring-themed manicure. The image below shows our inspiration for this manicure. These are four prints by Finnish design company, Marimekko. Their signature style is bold graphic prints with bright colours. They are distinctive and very recognizable.


Now let’s take a look at our step-by-step tutorial shall we?


  1. Start with a base colour. We’re using two coats of a plain white, OPI Alpine Snow.
  2. With a detailer nail art brush create five-petal flowers in random places. We’re using a lovely periwinkle blue from the China Glaze Spring collection, China Glaze Fade Into Hue. Make sure to leave open some spaces since we’ll be adding more flowers in another shade! If you wish, you can stop here and add top coat. Or you can add some of the finishing details in the next few steps. It’s entirely up to you!
  3. Fill in the gaps with more five-petal flowers. We’re using another shade from the China Glaze Avant Garden collection, China Glaze Fancy Pants. You can add “half” flowers that fall off the edge of your nail so it looks like the pattern is continuous.
  4. With a lighter color blue, add a dot in the center of each flower. We’re using China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On which is a lovely pale mint green. For easy dots use a dotting tool!
  5. Using a dark blue shade, add tiny dots in the middle of the dots we just placed. We’re using OPI I Saw… U Saw… We Saw… Warsaw. This is the finishing touch to the flowers! Aren’t they looking great?
  6. With the same dark blue and a liner nail art brush, add stems in between the flowers. This is a little tricky, as you have to make sure the lines are very thin. This will give you the best result! Try to barely touch the nail and just let the brush flow across to form a line.

Add top coat and you’re done! We recommend Seche Vite for ultra-fast drying results and a dazzling shiny finish.


And here we have it, the final result! Looks great, right?! It’s such a bold design and it looks really effective on the nails too. People will be amazed that you painted it by hand!

If you try out this design after seeing our tutorial, make sure to let us know by leaving a comment or posting your picture to our Facebook page. We’d love to see what you make of this Marimekko print. Thanks for checking out our tutorial and happy painting!